Smartblock Story

Smartblock came about as a result of a member of my own family suffering EHS.

After a plethora of tests specialists couldn’t find anything wrong. It was my 13 year old son who was not sleeping and suffering depression. It was my father (his grandfather) who put two and two together. We moved him immediately and made the first prototype of Smartblock. (about May 2015).

Fortunately, we were able to ditch the scripts for medication and we all slept and felt better. The results were remarkable. We then trialled Smartblock on families who expressed interest. They were asked to keep a mood diary for 30 days and record sleep habits and overall well being.

All families sensed improvement and were able to keep their Smartblocks in return. The trial went out to 20 families. There were major improvements in households, especially where children were on the autism spectrum. In January 2016 Smartblock was officially launched. It’s made in Australia using high grade Australian aluminium.

How to install

3 Step Easy process for installation


Identify your meter


95% of smart meters look like the one pictured here. If not click on the link below to identify your meter further.

id my meter


Unpack your Smartblock and
fit over the smart meter


Affix using the installation method

Are you suffering the symptoms of electrohypersensitivity?

There are many health complaints that have been connected to radiation sickness.

headaches & stressheadaches & stress
restless leg syndromerestless leg syndrome

Even our own ARPANSA website states “smart meters are safe but if you feel you may be affected then move your bed away from the wall by at least one meter”.

This is concerning. The truth is that no one really knows the long term damage these EMF’s are doing to us. It’s more than a coincidence that people are presenting with this worrying symptoms and being prescribed sleeping medications and anti-depressants. There aren’t many GP’s who will ask “where is your bed in relation to your smart meter.”