Proven to protect

Proven to protect

Smartblock is a locally designed product that is proven to protect you and your family from the high levels of EMR’s.

Block 98%-99% of harmful EMR

Reduces harmful ER by up to 99%

Using Faraday Cage technology Smartblocks fit over the smart meter whilst still communicating with the grid.

Smart Meters throw 3x times the safe levels!

Smart Meters throw 3x times the safe levels!

Protect yourself from Smart Meters. Smart Meters throw out high levels of EMR and EMF’s which can affect health.

Marine Grade. Powder Coated Aluminum

Marine Grade. Powder Coated Aluminum

Smartblock is made from 24 separate pieces of individually cut pure Australian aluminium alloy and five separate screens of marine strength, powder coated aluminium mesh.

What is the Faraday cage?

A  Faraday cage is named after its inventor, the English scientist Michael Faraday. In 1836, he observed that an excess charge on any hollow conductor remained on its surface and did not affect anything placed within it….

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Easy installation

The Smartblock is so easy to install. Its a 3 step process that takes minutes but protects you and your family for a lifetime.

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Are you suffering the symptoms of electrohypersensitivity?

There are many health complaints that have been connected to radiation sickness.

headaches & stressheadaches & stress
restless leg syndromerestless leg syndrome

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